Who We Are

Everyone, naturally gets hungry. As we eat to meet our own natural human need, its easy to forget that someone else maybe going to bed feeling hungry, at that very same moment. What if, there was a natural way for one person to feed another person while they feed themselves? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Instead of waiting for big organizations to make huge donations at the end of each year, what if we could make this so simple, that any everyday person, without having to pay more than what they normally would, be empowered to make a difference, 3 times a day, by making a decision to feed someone while they feed themselves? This is that platform that we intend to create. Plainly: people feeding people.

With every box of fish sold, one meal is provided for a hungry child who does not have a parent to lean on. When you choose our fish, you choose to feed someone else. Its all you. What we are providing, is just the platform, for you to exercise your power to feed someone and make a difference in this world today.